Monday, 17 November 2014

Ramblings: Is volunteering the answer to my problems?

I have always wanted to volunteer once I finished uni. Somewhere overseas in a complete foreign culture. I have always believed that it may be my calling. But now that the time has come to start planning, I feel very overwhelmed with all the places that I could go, that it is hard to choose where might be best. It has made me doubt whether volunteering is right for me. I worry that I won't fit in, and that I won't connect with people. But then maybe it is exactly what I need to find my niche, and to truly connect with other people. I am in no means worried about the work being too taxing, I enjoy doing things that help others, things that have a purpose. I guess I'm just scared that I will be terribly lonely. But in my mind I know that I won't be satisfied unless I at least give it a go.

Sometimes it's good to ramble away, to loosen and untie some of the knots in your mind.

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