Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Different Blogs I'm loving

These blogs are my most frequented of late. They sort of fit into three categories; fashion, beauty and health.

The fashion bloggers:

Man Repeller. Wit, humour and fashion.This blog takes a very tounge in cheek approach to all things fashion and I love it! I also love the diet section where Leandra and Amelia subject their bodies to some very extreme diets such as the sugar diet, tequila diet and most recently, the Bastille Day Diet, which actually looks quite tasty! Always an entertaining read.

The Coveteur and IntotheGloss. I've paired these two blogs together because I find that they have a fairly similar structure. They both do awesome interviews with interesting people and take a look into their wardrobes and beauty regimes. My favourite reads  from The Coveteur are about the closets of Karli Kloss and Lisa Eldridge. IntotheGloss focuses more on the Top Shelf, by delving through the contents of peoples' bathrooms. My favourite Top Shelf has to be Lea Seydoux's, because I am absolutely obsessed with her!

The beauty gurus:

Viviannadoesmakeup and LilyPebbles. These are my trusty guides for all things beauty. A mix of high end and drug store products, these blogs are great if you're looking for something new but not sure whether or not to buy it. The reviews are honest, regardless of sponsoring, and the makeup menus are actually quite inspiring, especially because Anna and Lily are not makeup artists, and have just as much luck of perfecting winged liner as I do! I also love the weekly vlogs that both Anna and Lily do, especially because their vlogs often overlap.

The health girls:

DeliciouslyElla. I have loved this blog for a while now. It was the first raw vegan blog that I was actually inspired by, and gave me the kick that I needed to health up my diet! I always make the superfood bread, and even my brother is obsessed with it! The smoothies are also awesome and there are so many different flavours to choose from. It's a great blog if you're just starting out with changing your diet as there's so many tasty recipes to choose from!

NaturallySassy. I just discovered this blog about a week ago and since then I have made so many of the recipes! Being vegan and plant based this blog is perfect for me! I felt like I had been in a bit of a rut lately with cooking tasty meals that were also healthy and vegan, and out of luck and chance I came across this blog!

So these are my favourite blogs at the moment!